Money Saving Tip – Economical Pork Chops

Boneless pork chops are great. We love them. Versatile. The other white meat. Low Fat. You can bake them, grill them, pan fry them, the possibilities are endless.

The price of a boneless pork chop is not always affordable. This week, the boneless pork loin was on a sale for $4.14 a kilo or approximately $1.89 a pound. The chops were on sale for almost twice the price. The only difference was that the same roast was cut for you.

All you need is a sharp knife, about 5 minutes of time and be ready to package them.

I have a food saver machine as I’ve lost some food in the past to freezer burn or was surprised to what is in the package. (I did a post recently on shredded coconut pork)

As you see in the picture, my roasts costs 6.88 and 7.07. Totalling 13.95.  We serve 3 to 4 ounce pork chops in our house. This is usually sufficient for most people. I was able to make 24 chops out of the two roasts. This turned out to be $0.58 per chop. Where can you get 4 ounces of any meat for $0.58? I packaged mine 4 per package. I calculated that with the “sale” price on the chops, I saved approximately $7.00. On regular price I saved about $14.00. If serving a large group, or a large family or you just want to save a little money, this is the way to go. You can cut them to the thickness you need, larger if your diet demands more protein due to a very physical job or training. 

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You don’t need insane knife skills for this little hack. Hope you found this little tip helpful.