Thoughts On Weight Loss

I personally hate the word diet. As one of my favourite artists says “if I could kill a word” -Eric Church,  this is one word I would erase from the vocabulary. It is a temporary fix to a bigger problem because the problem keeps coming back again and again.

How often have we said in our lifetime, tomorrow  I start this new diet, tomorrow I will start to exercise, tomorrow I will research what I need to do about getting healthy.  Well I hate to break it to you but tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

We have today and there never is a better time than right now.  You don’t start by saying I will cut out all fat, sweet, salty foods in one shot. You don’t start with I will work out 2 hours very day.

Everything done well takes time. Every small improvement makes a drastic change in the long run.  Planning is important. Start with a simple plan to take 15 minutes a day to do something good for you. A short walk, cutting veggies for the next week’s lunch snacks for you, prepare your menu for the week so you don’t lose that 10 minutes wondering what will I make tonight while you are snacking on anything you can get.

You are worth that 15 minutes. Once you have mastered that, you add a little time, a little more intensity and a little more fun to it. You have no idea how much you can achieve starting with that simple 15 minutes. Have fun in all you do and you succeed.