Tips : Making Your Plate Look More Full

When you are watching portions, sometimes deceiving your eyes is key to success. I use a few tricks.

Smaller plates for me and larger plates for my husband. Correl has a great set for that. Another truck is filling the bottom with more veggies.

As you see below, it was pasta night. I added spinach to the bottom of the plate, put the pasta on top with tomato black bean sauce and a little cheese. This looks good, and I believed I had a huge plate. Don’t tell my stomach, it never realized.

If you have tricks please feel free to pass them on.

Home Made Ramen Style Noodles 

Have you ever watched a show and “Oh I have to try that”? Well that is what happened to me last week.  I will not take credit for this recipe as I saw this on YouTube. Asian at home. You have to check her out.  This is a healthier version of ramen noodles.  Anytime I know and control what I put in, makes me happy.

You can really have fun with this.  You pick the protein, the spice, the flavour, vegetable, the noodle and the next time something completely different.  This is a great way to use leftovers. You can make it as healthy as you like or need. Lower smart point proteins like shrimp, less noodles more vegetables. You choose what you like.

My first version was vegetable broth 1/2 cube, 1/2 a small roasted chicken breast, spinach baby carrots sliced thinly, broad rice noodles cooked,salt, pepper, dried rosemary and oregano and a few drops of hot sauce.  When ready to use, you pour boiling water, fill and shake. For my first try, not bad but lacked a little flavour and heat for my taste.

Of course I tried again. I changed the noodle to capellini, the protein to black bean, carrots became shredded carrots, spinach became kale, spices were a creole mix, and sriracha chili sauce.

Try it and have fun. I know I did.

Thoughts On Weight Loss

I personally hate the word diet. As one of my favourite artists says “if I could kill a word” -Eric Church,  this is one word I would erase from the vocabulary. It is a temporary fix to a bigger problem because the problem keeps coming back again and again.

How often have we said in our lifetime, tomorrow  I start this new diet, tomorrow I will start to exercise, tomorrow I will research what I need to do about getting healthy.  Well I hate to break it to you but tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

We have today and there never is a better time than right now.  You don’t start by saying I will cut out all fat, sweet, salty foods in one shot. You don’t start with I will work out 2 hours very day.

Everything done well takes time. Every small improvement makes a drastic change in the long run.  Planning is important. Start with a simple plan to take 15 minutes a day to do something good for you. A short walk, cutting veggies for the next week’s lunch snacks for you, prepare your menu for the week so you don’t lose that 10 minutes wondering what will I make tonight while you are snacking on anything you can get.

You are worth that 15 minutes. Once you have mastered that, you add a little time, a little more intensity and a little more fun to it. You have no idea how much you can achieve starting with that simple 15 minutes. Have fun in all you do and you succeed.