Tips : Treats

We all need treats. For all of us that have a sweet tooth, one of the hardest things to do is just have a little. How often have we bought a chocolate bar and said I will have only a couple of pieces. Next thing you know the whole thing is gone. I am guilty of that. Well the power of suggestion is a powerful tool. Yes, I know, I am just fooling myself but hey it works. I love my mini M & Ms. To stretch out the pleasure, I measure out one tablespoon, put them in a tumbler or short shot glass and eat them one by one. One tablespoon gives you between 25 and 30 treats. If you let them melt in your mouth until the shell cracks and the chocolate oozes onto your tongue, it can prolong the pleasure. I can watch a whole hour episode on one tablespoon of these little treats.  Savour them so you can appreciate the treat. Enjoy.

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